What is the mission of Soundgenes?

Soundgenes is the non-profit ‘Seed Vault’ of music production. It is the place where artists and sound engineers come together, share their presets/samples/vocals with each other and see which amazing tracks others can create with it. It is the mission of Soundgenes to be an open honest community without any gates for free downloads.

How can I give feedback? What will happen with my feedback?

At Soundgenes, we believe that the community comes first. That’s why we accept feedback on nearly every page through the button at the right. We will carefully consider your feedback and if approved it will come online in the feedback window (It takes mostly under 48h). People can then react and vote. The most voted upon projects will be implemented by our software engineers!


What happens if I give my e-mail when downloading a sound?

We ask for your e-mail because we wan’t to be able to promote the awesome creators who put their resources online. They deserve it don’t they?
Nevertheless it is always optional because we believe that real relationships are voluntary! Whether your decide to support our artist by giving your e-mail or whether you just want a bunch of free music production resources, we welcome you on Soundgenes. If you subscribe however, you will be supplied with the latest and greatest free sounds right in your mailbox! Speaking about kickstarting your music production career!

How can I help the artists on this platform?

We don’t wan’t to pressure anyone into ‘download for likes’ like other sites are doing but there are some ways how you can give something back to the artists!

  • Follow your favorite artists on soundcloud/facebook and youtube and promote them!
  • Share the sound of the artist
  • One of the best ways to thank an artist is by adding the soundcloud track you made with an artists resource in the comment section! It is amazing as a sound engineer to see a sound come alive in tracks!
  • Vote your favorite artist to artist of the year to allow him to get awesome prices!


What happens if I upload copyrighted material?

We take copyright laws very serious. The moment we get a legit copyright claim from a party on a resource you uploaded we will take actions.
Your account will be terminated and your IP will be blocked so that you will be unable to ever download again from Soundgenes.
Finally, the third party which owns the copyright can take legal action against you.

How can I get my copyrighted material off this site?

Click on the feedback button and leave a copyright claim. Include at least a link to the copyright protected material on Soundgenes and a proof of your ownership of the resources. Once we receive a claim we will immediately take the protected resources offline temporary. Once we have made clear that the claim is legitimate, the sound will be deleted for good and actions will be taken.

Why should I upload on Soundgenes?

There is no real reason, everyone should find the reasons why he or she is doing it but feeling inspired, getting immortal by adding a piece to our wiki of sound and wanting to help other music producers is a great start! Apart from that, there are some clear benefits:

  • You will have a convenient way to share your resources. Last time we checked, our download system is one of the most fast, solid, beautiful and FREE ways to provide resources to your followers.
  • Your resources will never expire. Once you have shared a link, it will work forever!
  • The Soundgenes Community will find a way to your social accounts and if your sound is really popular, it will be shared in the newsletter and you will get the full promotion of Soundgenes for your creative endeavors! Speaking of an increase in popularity!
  • You will get the amazing experience to see you resources getting alive in creative projects of other people!